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What would you do if you were suddenly reminded of something you witnessed as a child, but had only just realised the terrible significance of what you saw?

* * * * * *

When Cerys Morgan, a beautiful young student, vanished from a crowded beach in Cornwall while camping with friends during the heatwave summer of 1976 it triggered the largest police operation of its kind at the time. Hundreds of locals joined the search and it made the headlines for weeks, but no trace of her was ever found.

Thirty-four years later Emily Harrison is suddenly reminded of something she witnessed as a young child. Only then does she realise the awful significance of what she saw. The trouble is, even her own parents didn't believe her at the time, so who will believe her now?

Haunted by her memories Emily becomes obsessed. As the heartbreaking story of Cerys unfolds, she soon realises only she knows the answer. Even when she receives sinister threats - and her contented life rapidly disintegrates around her - she will stop at nothing to find out the truth and get closure for Cerys’ elderly parents.


What really did happen on her sixth birthday? 


What would you do if someone else’s secret past threatened to destroy your own future happiness?

* * * * * *

For the first time in months Emily is excited about life, until a fun-filled weekend on Dartmoor with her children turns into a nightmare and she accidentally finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. She returns home, desperate to forget their frightening ordeal, but it soon transpires that someone else has other ideas. Before she knows it, she is embroiled in a terrifying web of crime.


As the buzz and excitement of the 2012 Olympics grip the country no one, not even the police, believes her version of events and Emily has no option but to take matters into her own hands. In a race against time, she realises that a class of 1987 school reunion - which took place just days before her fateful visit, with devastating consequences - is key to finding out what really happened.


Not knowing who to trust, Emily’s life spirals out of control, but she will stop at nothing to unravel the truth… and ensure what should have been an idyllic weekend doesn’t become a lifetime of regret.

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