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Childhood Memories

One of the first readers of I'm Going To Find You said they found the premise fascinating... "hinging everything on a child's memory is a clever device, it leaves room for doubt, both in the protagonist herself and in the minds of your readers." 

I have always been curious about successful prosecutions where a key witness is a child. We all know how our memories are shaped by the passing of time; throw away comments from people or photographs subconsciously skew what we think we remember. We all have memories that are so vivid they could have happened yesterday, whereas others are annoyingly vague.

Likewise, a single event may trigger different memories for different people. Being number six in a family of eight children we all have varying recollections of the same events. Seeing something through the eyes of a six-year-old is very different to that of a ten-year-old. Emily the protagonist in my book is very young and even her own parents didn't believe her at the time. How can she - or anyone - rely on her recollections?
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