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Childhood Holidays

I find the whole process of writing creative, therapeutic and emotional in equal measure and I loved how the storyline and characters continually evolved with each draft. I was inspired in so many ways, and the location and dual timeline were vital to the story.

Childhood family holidays in North Cornwall strongly influenced both. With such a large family daily life was very much a military operation but for two weeks every year we escaped to North Cornwall - including the scorching hot summer of 1976 - and I still love the whole area. It is so beautiful and yet so mysterious. This photo was taken in 2019, just after I started writing I'm Going To find You, when Andy and I visited the key places for my birthday and we walked many miles along the awe-inspiring coastal path. The idyllic, rugged beauty of the area, swathed in the sunshine, was deliberately chosen to contrast with the heartbreaking story of Cerys as it slowly unfolds. Since publication many readers have said to me how my book has brought back fond memories for them,  and similar family holidays before foreign travel became the norm.

There was one unique location near Polzeath that fired my imagination from a very young age and I always knew I would write a story about it one day. I will say no more, other than it was wonderful to go back and it was still just as special. You will have to read the book to see if you can work out where it is!

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